The concept of powerlessness can be hard to grasp. Powerlessness is often mistaken for weakness, but this is actually a step of strength. Many people with an addiction to alcohol feel guilt, low self-esteem, and shame. When a person admits that alcohol is affecting his or her life, they can start recovery. The first step is about powerlessness over behavior that makes the individual’s life unmanageable.

Ambrosia Treatment Center of South Florida is here to help those who struggle with addiction. To learn more, visit our rehab admissions page today. In the long term, maintaining abstinence from alcohol and drugs requires a lot of effort. The most effective way to stay sober is by using the tools of recovery. This includes attending meetings regularly, getting counseling, practicing mindfulness, and staying connected with others who share similar struggles. When you admit that you are powerless to addiction, you are empowered to reach out for support.

Thinking About Treatment?

The Big Book talks about alcoholics as being maladjusted to life. Relief washed over me when I heard those works spoken aloud. My life was unmanageable in so many ways, even though it didn’t always look that way from the outside.

Taking a personal inventory can be as simple as reflecting on your day. Introspection is the key to continued growth and affords us a safeguard against complacency. This is the choice to believe in something – anything, that can improve our lives. If Love can restore us and we consciously choose to be more loving in order to be healthier, that is a great step in the right direction. The Serenity Prayer is a central mantra of many recovery communities.

How Can I Get Help With the First Step of Alcoholics Anonymous?

When you lay it all out, you will see that you did not have control in those moments. Recovery is possible and healing will take place in mind, body, and spirit. Enlightened Recovery Solutions offers a holistic based, 12-step inspired, clinically proven program for alcoholism and co-occurring disorders. Call (844) 234-LIVE today for information on our partial care programs. Your health insurance provider may be able to cover all or part of the cost of inpatient and/or outpatient rehab.

i am powerless over alcohol

I leaned on alcohol for years, then replaced booze with a drug called love. In my mid-30s, I encountered a traumatic event, the emotional dam broke, and all the feelings I’d stuffed for decades flooded out. Even a card or a letter in which we take responsibility for mistakes or hurtful actions can be liberating to those we wronged. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

I’m In Recovery

Your alcohol addiction is a physical compulsion beyond your control—a progressive illness that defies common sense. There’s not a simple pill you can take to cure this disease. Instead, the treatment available focuses on helping you manage your condition, so you can achieve sobriety and resist relapse to alcohol abuse. Hesitantly, I started on what would later become the most important decision of my life.

That’s a warning sign that you may have a problem–if you can’t deal with life without the addiction in question. If you must have the addiction to feel normal, beware, you may be powerless over your addiction. Step One is about accepting what is and what is not. It is a gateway to freedom and a proclamation of progress. As we go through the process of Step One, we are moving from a lack of awareness into an awareness of the reality of this disease and the possibility of change. We are beginning to believe that we are capable of living in a different way.

The paradox of powerlessness

We say it out loud for everyone in the room to hear. Going to the hospital was what finally got my attention–I ended up in the dual diagnosis unit of a state hospital in Richmond, Indiana. Hopefully, you recognize if you are powerless over your addiction before it hits this point–but in my case, it took this, and even then my recognizing powerlessness over alcohol came and went. If your substance use has ever put you in the hospital, you have a problem. The First Step does not say that you are powerless over your actions, your decisions, or your relationships; it says that you are powerless over alcohol/drugs. This is not an excuse for continuing down the same destructive path.

If your addiction altered your life, then it has the power–you are powerless over your addiction. Your answers to the following questions will help you decide if you’re powerless over your addiction. Cravings can become very strong for a person who has an addiction to alcohol.

Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all. Instead of continuing to hide Step 1 of Alcoholics Anonymous: What Is Step 1 of AA? our flaws, let’s expose them. Let’s share the things we don’t like about ourselves and work together to change them.