Creating A Simple WordPress Plugin With Six AI Chatbots

ai chatbot for wordpress

Currently the most popular chatbot in Europe, Smartsupp is completely GDPR compliant, meaning all chatbot data is safe and secure. It also has a robust mobile app for iOS and Android, so chatbots can connect customers to live reps no matter where they are. You can use your bot to increase sales, to qualify leads, or to provide answers to frequently asked questions. Each with powerful features which will help your business enhance customer support and provide a smooth functioning workflow. There’s now at least one chatbot aimed specifically at providing quality information about climate change. Last month, a group of startups launched “ClimateGPT,” an open-source large language model that’s trained on climate-related studies about science, economics, and other social sciences.

Here, we’ve prepared a list of the seven best free ai-powered chatbot plugins that will help you to serve your purpose perfectly. It is a customer experience platform that enables online stores to provide excellent customer service and turn passive visitors into active buyers. Its pre-built chatbots for sales and support are readily available to boost sales and promptly address customers’ frequently asked questions. Chat by is a highly versatile chatbot designed for use in the workplace. Similar to ChatGPT, it can assist with various writing tasks and problem-solving, but it also has access to a vast amount of data and is specifically trained for marketing and sales tasks. With paid plans available for use across teams, starting with five users per account, Chat by is perfect for businesses seeking an assistant-type chatbot to enhance internal productivity.

How do I add new conversations to the ChatBot?

Chatra’s chatbot has robust FAQ functionality, providing instant answers to customers who are too busy to search for answers on their own. Plus with mobile access on iOS and Android devices, agents can stay close at hand no matter where they are in case the conversation needs human intervention. Tidio’s chatbot feature is part of its larger customer service suite, which also includes live chat and email integrations. This chatbot WordPress plugin comes with customizable chatbot templates to generate leads, provide basic support, and assist with completing the checkout process.

The plugin has features like a link assistant, XML sitemaps, a headline analyzer, FAQ schema, and more. ChatGPT is a well-known AI chatbot software that is based on the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 language models. It is developed by OpenAI, who is also responsible for software like DALL-E and Whisper. Once you’re satisfied with how your chatbot is functioning, you can use the Integrations menu or the Watson Assistant WordPress plugin to add the chatbot to your website.

WP-Chatbot for Messenger by MobileMonkey

If you need a simple chatbot to collect lead information, this could be the solution for you. Here are key reasons to deploy AI-powered chatbots at the frontline of customer support. Designed for Facebook and Instagram users in mind, Chatfuel is a good option for those with no programming skills. Businesses can use it to book appointments with customers on Facebook, fundraise for nonprofits on Instagram, and guide customers to purchasing through their website shipping portal.

Social media especially demands a mix of writing, visuals, and video content, almost non-stop. To help you manage your social media more efficiently, consider these tools designed to save time and boost your productivity. ChatBot enables the effortless creation and deployment of conversational chatbots without the need for coding.

Great Customer Service

As many as 74% of business owners are satisfied with the results of their chatbots. About 69% of shoppers prefer to use chatbots in order to get instant responses. And the best ones even offer artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. The ten plugins we’ll present you here have plenty of features, as well as free plans to get you started. 🎭 Personalize with Custom Avatars

Add a creative touch with customizable avatars.

ai chatbot for wordpress

You can also unlock additional premium features for a small price starting from $19/month and test them with a 7-day free trial. ChatBot is perfect for companies seeking a comprehensive digital assistant for sales and customer ai chatbot for wordpress care. It works smoothly with’s sister brands— and—providing a whole enterprise support framework. For businesses on the cusp of significant growth, the suite is a worthy choice.

Types & Use Case of AI Chatbots

It’s obvious that AI chatbots for customer service are here to stay. WordPress is one of the platforms that can benefit from them the most, and the choice is truly huge. This plugin easily connects with ChatGPT and shows a chatbot with text responses you created from the WordPress backend. It also displays some FAQs and asks users to provide their email or phone numbers so you can contact them later. Fortunately, there’s an approachable form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can help, which is readily available for use with WordPress. A chatbot can provide a powerful service on your website, and help you provide engaging communication options to your customers.

ai chatbot for wordpress

Plus, you can keep an eye on live chats, study the data, and learn from any slip-ups to boost your chatbot’s performance. Thanks to its many integrations, you can enjoy a smoother and more user-friendly chatbot experience with ChatBot. You can easily access ChatBot through various platforms using the Chat Widget. In addition, chatbots can be integrated with platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Zendesk, and other popular CRM software via Zapier.

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Or, for those who prefer to create their own conversations, Tidio has a drag-and-drop visual editor that allows users to create conversations from scratch. Trigger conversations by defined actions, or customize triggers to reach out at the right moment. WordPress chatbot helps businesses achieve their business goals, improve customer service, boost the shopping experience, and increase sales.

ai chatbot for wordpress