For workers steeped in office commutes and in-person work, opportunities continue to open offering choices to continue their path or try something different. The future of work arrived earlier than expected offering unrestrained opportunity throughout each industry. Maybe you’ve noticed a theme with this list of best remote customer service jobs — they’re mainly in healthcare or insurance.

The company decided that employees who relocate to lower-cost cities would not have their pay adjusted. At the start, adjusting the company’s culture to a remote model was a challenge. So some businesses are removing the guesswork altogether by deciding to remain fully remote — permanently. Even if the list of pros is larger than cons, it is not the quantity that matters, and the best solution is a common agreement between companies and employees when it comes to this practice.


You’ll need to send a proposal to potential clients that highlight your skills and how you can help them succeed. In early 2021, the company announced that workers will work remotely full-time, and that office spaces will be used as “conversation spaces” for meetings, collaboration and events. “Those spaces are not to be used for primary work or set up for primary work.” Allowing our employees to live where they want to helps keep them happy and more engaged with their roles. For example, three of the people on our content marketing team have relocated to be closer to family or live in areas with lower tax burdens. Having the freedom to choose where to live has increased job satisfaction while also helping us retain great talent and valuable institutional knowledge.

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Upwork takes 5% to 20% of your pay based on the amount of work you do for a client, but freelance customer service agents can make more than the typical $16/hour you saw with the job listings above. You can find both full-time and part-time jobs, and they even specify if it’s only currently remote for pandemic hiring. Each listing clearly outlines what kind of experience and skills are required and preferred for the jobs, and FlexJobs directs you to the exact place if you want to apply.

The Final Word on The Best Remote Customer Service Jobs

When David Cancel started sales and marketing software company Drift in 2015, he and his co-founder believed strongly in an in-person work culture. Researching, analyzing, and writing insightful stuff is what I do for a long time now at Mobiteam. At TechBehemoths, I put all my experience and knowledge work for IT companies and businesses and help them reach each other.

“…it will inevitably mean more flexible work, and allow more Boxers to be able to work from anywhere. Before the pandemic hit, ~15% of Box’s workforce already worked remotely, and this number will surely increase over time,” Aaron Levie, CEO, wrote in a blog post. Most remote customer service positions require a computer or laptop and an internet connection. If the position requires you to speak to customers over the phone, then you’ll also need a headset. Companies typically provide you with a VOIP phone if talking on the phone is required.

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After all, data shows a clear worker desire for remote work; in Yelp’s case, 86% of respondents to an internal survey wanted to work remotely all or most of the time; only 1% are currently going into the office daily. Companies that double down are simply following the numbers, making sure their employees won’t leave for other remote-first jobs. Without fixed in-person office days, Vista has also reconfigured its onboarding. Its former offices around the world have been turned into collaboration centres with hot desks, enabling teams to choose to occasionally work in person and brainstorm.

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